Notification from Victoria Carrascosa


After the media news spread a few days ago concerning my statement on the current and true situation of my sister Maria Jose Carrascosa, I herewith declare that:

“After several inquiries with the US Embassy in Madrid, we were referred to the New Jersey Parole Board, which enlightened us with first-hand information that Maria Jose continues to be on probation through August 1, 2017, although this does not mean that she cannot travel to Spain if she were to petition it; and, once in Spain, she would then have to regularly report in person to either the US Consulate in Valencia or the US Embassy in Madrid.

However, it is Maria Jose’s wish to continue in the US to personally wage her own battle to achieve exoneration, along with her own legal representation, lawyer and prosecutor.”

Given the attitude of my sister against anyone, and especially against me, issuing public accusations of defamation and libel on social networks, I now must declare that Maria Jose’s words are untrue and she therefore hides the truth, especially from her family. This is now causing me to withdraw my support of her cause, now reaching an absurd level, considering the struggles we as her family are having to deal with, all of them caused by her.

Ever since she was unjustly detained and later sentenced by US Courts, I, along with my parents, have sustained an ongoing struggle to attain her innocence and permanently keep my niece Victoria Solenne in Spain. I have personally remained in constant touch with tribunals and Spanish -and US- Authorities, as well as with diverse personalities and associations who have embraced the same cause.

However, in view of the widely-published reports on reproaches by Maria Jose towards me, I cannot but make relevant certain details to sustain the only truth in the process and reveal her attitude towards her defense and incarceration in different US prisons.

In Valencia (Spain), November 12, 2015